Log #62–09/03/2022

The premise:
The veil preventing our physical world from being invaded by the Dark World is already thin. There are accounts of creatures from the Other-Side being summoned. But now the two realms are going to collide!
The reunion of all Keys and the power from all @☠️ Death Incarnate, @🧟‍♀️ Zombie Maker and @👻 Cthulhu Lover is going to rip apart the barrier and all sort of demons will be among us.

All Voodies are going to be POSSESSED in this event. And they will change into grotesque and bloody things:
Neverborn: first tier of possession. Minor changes to their bodies. Multiple eyes on its legs; maybe a hand popping out of their mouths.
Diabolus: second tier of possession. Things are messy here. Hold your stomach.
Kaos: third tier of possession. Don’t even try to run away, it’s useless now.

Production starts as soon as we mint 100%.
We want to have more people in the art team, we are already aiming for some prop makers to help us bring these nightmares to life. We also want quality material for their creations. If an artist asks for a rotten denture to stitch on the doll’s belly, we will deliver it!



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