Log #16–30/09/2021

2 min readFeb 19, 2022


Back to the office :(

Since march 2020 I was working from home, but now the bosses are calling us back. Tomorrow I will wake up 7 AM, drive 30 minutes to my job, spent all my there until 17:30 and then I will drive 30 more minutes back home. I am super anxious and I really hate this. I will still have time to run this project, tho. But I will need help.

So, more team members. I thought I could be an one man army, but it was already too much to do. Now, going back to the office, I will need more brains to help me. I have a few friends in mind, they are trustful people and they are knowledge in a few areas that will boost this project. The problem is: my budget is finite (next paragraph). I can’t really offer too much now. I mean, I can pay them something, but not an extraordinary amount. They will need to trust me and trust what we are building, and then we can share profits (of course, if they accept my offer).

The Money. So, I will need to get more artists, there is really not another path here. 3 people working on this is the minimum I can have. And I need to pay them way better than what they already earn to bring them onboard. I interviewed another person and I gave her a test. I already have 3 artists making a doll and then I will compare to what I think is the best I could find and decide. I need to carefully spend my funds. There’s still: The photoshop studio guys; Photo gear (camera, lens, lightbox, tripod etc etc); The focus stacking app; Website team and everything related; Some guys I plan to run a promo for Voodies (a few days of fu**ing cool photos and videos); And at least 20% of my funds for emergencies. I think I am forgetting something…

Oh, and thank gawd my dev is a friend and is willing to be part of the core team, so I will “just” share profits.

One more thing. I will need my artist post-mint. There will be a lot of work to do. More than the initial collection. I want them constantly making Voodies for celebrities and other projects (Unique Series) and I will need them for Phase 2 immediately after selling out. So I am willing to share profits with them, maybe 3 to 10% each, idk. I will need to think this through, but I could have a good team working, having fun and getting well paid.