Log #17–01/10/2021

2 min readFeb 14, 2022


Here we go October!

Added a few ideas that were boiling on my head: Horror Tales Time: a voice channel for our members to read creepypasta stories, discuss it and have a good time; Buy Back Furnace: my main goal is to keep the floor rising, so all fees from marketplace is going towards sweeping the floor and rewards presalers and Key Members. But how do we sustain the project? Well, I am planning to offer many incentives to long term and I really want this to run literally as a business once we sell out, so we are not selling our sweats for pennies. The minting will provide enough resources to achieve all our goals. Also, Chapter 2, another collection we plan to airdrop for free to our holders (I will talk about it another day, it’s super exciting!) will charge 10% fees. So we are good for years to come.

I am really torn between price and supply size. 10k at x price or half at 2x price? Lower supply means more demand, but I need to study how much we need to comfortably turn our lives to this project and achieve all our goals. I think this topic will evolve a lot in my mind.

Oh, I am talking to a friend and she loved the idea! She is a “presale rat” on many communities and I think she can help immensely managing our community. It will be fun if she join the boat, and I really need more help.

From now on I will start just saying what I bought:

A few days ago I bought Infinity Labs;

Yesterday: Boneworld;

Today: Grim Syndicate and Capsule House.