Log #60–07/03/2022

2 min readMar 7, 2022

gm! 🧶

I removed Donations from The Journey’s section of our FAQ. After a lot of consideration, it feels like it doesn’t belong there.

We are still going to execute everything that was planned related to charity, but we don’t think it’s necessary to put it in that section, mixed with goals to grow the brand.

Staying true to our transparency policy, I’m pasting every single word that was removed below:


We know it’s cliche to mention donations, but it’s something we can’t avoid due to our origins.
Let’s keep it simple and try to do some good.

All actions will directly benefit Brazilian communities. Almost the entirety of this project was done by Brazilian efforts. We know the struggles our people endure.
We want to, somehow, help change this situation. Even if it’s just a small step.

Please, take a few minutes to read this entry log explaining why and how we are going to execute these goals:
[Log # 52]

We are going to tackle 3 different purposes:

・Food parcel to be delivered to charity institutions;

・Funds donated to non-profitable organizations preventing illegal Amazon deforestation; and

・Assisting needy families to restore part of their dignity. Cleaning supplies, toilet paper, diapers, food, a mattress… products we take for granted but are in high demand by these families.

We will share all details with our community in future logs: money spent, what was purchased, who received it etc.
We are going to register as much as possible. Photos and videos delivering food parcels is achievable, but we need to be careful to not share families details, for example. So, in this case, we will take photos and videos of the supplies, but not of the families.

We want to repeat these actions and improve on how to implement it as the project runs.