Log #52–12/02/2022


I would like to talk a bit about our donation goals.

Charity is a tricky subject in crypto in general.
You never really know if the founders are doing it from their heart or just as a marketing strategy.
Even worse, you don’t know if they are really donating what was promised.

From the very first moment that making donations crossed my mind I knew it would possibly sound sus or cliche.

I was born and raised in a poor neighborhood. In my adult life, I moved to a few other cities, but events brought me back to my hometown. My parents are still living in the same house for almost 30 years now, fortunately life has improved. We never felt hunger or something like that. My sisters and I were able to have a good education, food on the table, yet a humble childhood. But that environment exposed us to real struggles in life: kids suffering from bad parenting, hunger, lack of clothes, drug traffic and so on… some kids would go to the school just because it was their only chance to have a daily meal. It’s still happening these days.

There were other children like us: living a decent life among people struggling. I’ve seen many kids going down a dark path, embracing drugs and robbery. I don’t know if I was lucky or if they were unfortunate. I met the right friends and we all thrived in life.
Now I feel like I have a good opportunity to give back more than I was ever able to do.

My wife is way more involved with charity than me. From time to time there’s a woman from a local organization that contacts her and she starts organizing our neighbors to donate. They fill our garage with stuff, then that same woman comes with a pickup and delivers everything to needy families in urgent situations: losing everything to a storm and other natural disasters; health issues and the government care isn’t enough; unemployment; a parent that is left alone with children… On top of that, the COVID pandemic turned those people’s lives way harder.
She found us when we moved to our current house. We had this stove and my wife posted on facebook or something that we were donating it. That woman saw it and contacted my wife. Then, she explained they have this unofficial organization and they were helping a really poor family that had just moved into our city and had nothing. They needed everything, from furniture to food.
After that, my wife was one more volunteer helping. This is their instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/ajuda_humanitaria_/
That’s just one group of people helping out there. We want to contact many more.

My wife also picks up kids for us to help on special occasions. Every Christmas we join a campaign that gives presents to children. They write down their letters to Santa and the donors try to fulfill their wishes. We also join campaigns with similar purposes during Easter, when we provide a fun day for them, with chocolate and candies; and when the school starts, when we can help with their school supplies, such as backpacks, notebooks, pencils etc.

With all that in mind, I asked her to help me organize what we could do.

1 — Non official organizations
The first charity idea is to help those needy families that find themselves desperate for the basic things to live. The initial step is that contact mentioned above and it can expand to others dealing directly with those situations. So, we can donate straight to whoever is needing it.

2 — Registered organizations
The second idea is to assist established and registered local charity institutions. There are organizations taking care of elderly people, orphans, children affected by intellectual disabilities (e.g. Down Syndrome) etc. All of them are in constant need of food, hygiene supplies, cleaning materials and so on.

3 — Amazon deforestation
At first, we thought just about our local communities, because we can handle supplies ourselves, personally.
But there’s a serious matter happening in Brazil and affecting all the world: Amazon deforestation.
And it’s not just that bad meme about “NFTs killing the environment”. This is a real threat and is devastating plants, animals and indigenous communities.
It’s an aggressive way to establish huge agriculture crops (drugs involved), cattle creation, illegal logging and many other shady activities.
For more info:
Fire is the most cruel way of deforestation. Wildlife dies from burning and smoke, indigenous communities lose their homes.
In this case, we can’t deliver donations in person, but there are many well-established non-profitable organizations working to help prevent deforestation and to mitigate its effects.
We want to bring our community multiple choices and let them decide how we are donating.

We will report everything here, at 📒#・dev˖diaries: photos and videos of the products and of us delivering it; list of purchased products, how much we spent and which institutions are receiving it; proof of donation for Amazon conservation efforts; details and everything else we can be transparent with.
We won’t be able to reveal names or images of the assisted families in order to preserve their privacy, but we will show everything donated and the mobilization to deliver it.
As everything else on Voodies, we want to be held accountable by our community and supporters.




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