Log #64–23/03/2022

1 min readMar 23, 2022

gm! 🧶

Yuga Labs made quite a few moves these past days. One of these actions was airdropping $ape to bayc and mayc holders. They are the vanguard of the NFT space and we are seeing some projects trying to follow that lead.
We’ve seen this happening many times in the past: DAO, token stacking, on-chain gaming mechanics, games promising, themed-park roadmaps, floor sweeping and burning mechanics, pixel/anime/3d/pastel colors… and so on and so forth.
Everytime a new successful thing happens in this space, there are a bunch of projects trying to imitate it. If they are really meaning to execute, it’s less harmful, but most of these mimics are just highlighting buzzwords to suck liquidity from the market and never looking back.

I’m ruminating on these tendencies and I’m really, really relieved to conclude we have our pillars built. Every new trending stuff happening doesn’t even flinch me to change our vision. If it was in the first couple starting months of the project, I would dive in and make plans on how it would be usable, but as the project matured I can say in just a few minutes if it fits our vision. Of course, new techs and improvements are another whole topic.