Log #63–22/03/2022

3 min readMar 23, 2022

gm! 🧶

Wow, yesterday we completed 6 months of logs!
This whole idea started by the end of August 2021, and a lot happened!

There are many things going on simultaneously. I will try to post a few things we are working on.

Assucena, our Lead Artist, is almost finishing her Voodies; and my wife, Natália, is also helping with new traits.
So far, Assucena made 89 traits (60 to be made, but a good amount almost finished); Natália made 55 (28 to go).
Those are rough numbers, I’m sure it’s not exactly that, but it’s close.
I made the trait list and it changed a lot along the way. There are a few traits that got cut after being finished, like a delicious glass of beer. But it was necessary to fit the theme.
We discuss every single trait in batches. They make the traits discussed and then we discuss the next batch. For all traits we have references, inspirations and mockups. Some traits require more photoshop than others. But for all of them I give a complete and extensive description of the trait.

This gas mask, for example, had its colors altered to show exactly what we wanted in the amigurumi version.
Assucena was not quite happy with the alien hat so I suggested this new version.
The battleaxe was altered to include the star (which will have a face), some jewelry, leather in the handle and a spherical element.

We plan to have a launching video for the Voodies.
Our idea is to mix stop motion, puppetry and simulated stop motion done in AE. We want to extensively use props and practical effects. For that, we will need to build dioramas and we’ve been researching that a lot.
There are many, many techniques to make it, details, materials etc. It’s a rabbit hole.
I have experience with resin epoxy, woodworking and painting miniatures; Natália also does pregnancy art on her clients, so all this knowledge will help a lot.
Besides researching dioramas, I did an initial dive on software and what will fit our idea (Newton plugin for AE!) and I’ve been sketching the first storyboards and ideas for the video based on the lore.

We were really busy choosing the right photography equipment, an essential component of the project. Lucas, our in-house professional photographer, helped immensely!
We had to match all equipment with our intention and between themselves. The list is big: camera, lens, remote flashes, radio flash, flash mounts, flash batteries, flash tripod, umbrella, camera tripod, dummy battery AC adapter and power connector, memory card, focus stacking software, uc-e22 cable… and I build a dedicated table/stand for our studio. I will write an exclusive log about all that once we have everything running!

Merchandise will play a big role in our brand. Little by little we are growing our repertoire. These past days we filtered all traits to come with new products for our VPS club. Traits like the ushanka, sleep mask, chullo and bucket hat are strong candidates to become real products.

VPS! Yeah, that’s a whole other topic in our minds all the time. The Voodies Point System will be like a fidelity club rewarding holders with art related products and services.
We want to expand beyond our artists. We will bring people from all over Brazil making all kind of art: watercolor painting, quilling, hama beads, polymer clay, embroidery, plush, felt fiber and a lot more. We will commission them to make their version of the Voodies according to their specific artstyle. And we will have auctions where holders can bid VPS and receive the tangible art at their home.
Our list is growing with artists and we are really excited to execute this!

As I said, there was a lot going on since the last post! I’m most likely forgetting something tho!