Log #57–25/02/2022

2 min readFeb 26, 2022

gm! 🧶

A few days ago we brought some Voodlings to the photo studio to run some tests.

The initial idea was to rent their structure and expertise. So we would get an exclusive room, camera, lights, lens etc for our project.
Once everything is set, we wouldn’t be able to move anything from its place anymore. That’s because we need the same conditions for every photo. It means that camera position, tripods, light, everything can’t be moved anymore from the time we find our sweetspot.

All that considered, we couldn’t make a deal with the studio guys. They didn’t understand or they didn’t want to commit to it all, they said it would be impossible to keep things unmoved for a long period of time. And I honestly don’t know how much time it will require, that’s another thing they didn’t like.

On top of that, we are insisting on using focus stacking and they said it wasn’t necessary and it would extend the work.

This experience made me decide to do everything in house and avoid outsourcing. I don’t think we can find anyone that can do everything we want, unfortunately.

We are going to buy all the equipment and I have a spare room in my house to host this experiment. I don’t see another way to do this and guarantee maximum quality for the project.

The bright side is that we are going to acquire the know-how, there will be no external pressure from the studio to rush the process and we will have more creative control over the results.

I know just the very, very basics, so for this endeavor we will need professional help.

I am glad to announce Lucas is part of the team now as our photographer!

He was already capturing awesome images for our Lead Artist’s work, Assucena. From now on, Lucas is a Core Team member and will advise everything related to photography, from equipment to technique.

You can check his portfolio here: https://www.instagram.com/retratoslucas/