Log #42–25/11/2021

2 min readFeb 18, 2022


Couple days ago I did that log about DAOs. I think I want to explore a bit more these trending topics on NFTs. Just superficially, tho. I don’t want to go too deep on this rn.

So, one of the trending strats works like this: be someone with a good amount of followers on twitter and post something like “if you are seeing this post and want WL, comment, retweet, like bla bla bla, don’t ask why, you are early”.
Why this wouldn’t work for Voodies? Well, first thing: we are not fancy influencers with thousands followers. And I think most of these projects are revealing to be PnD things. Probably their founders didn’t want that, but they are usually rushed planned and their core is weak. I am also noticing, huh, onomatopoeias as its strongest marketing move… and the community usually is overly worried about floor price.
All that said, we don’t really want to follow that path.

Another trend: Wolf Game is being replicated a lot due to its high floor. It is a “game”. 90% of the collection is composed of sheep and 10% of wolves. Both can stake, but wolves can steal tokens and there are a few more mechanics. It’s a nice idea and there are a few smart contracts behind the scenes. I believe it took them a good amount of time, trial and error and effort to bring this to light. Then there are the copies. In a few days there are already many copies and I don’t believe they took their time to write the smart contracts or even test the copied code from Wolf Game.

Finally, on chain NFTs. Yeah, Idk, I don’t like those. Too simple, but I get what it’s about. Don’t fit Voodies, tho.

It’s really tempting to just follow something successful, that was previously worked by someone else. This comfort zone will save you A LOT of time and effort, but it will be harder and harder to conquer your spot as more people is doing the same copies.
It would be beneficial for all of us if projects tried to bring new content or, at least, evolve previous concepts.
There’s plenty of room to shine if you carve your own path. Of course the journey is filled with walls, bruises and sh*t, but every step ahead is a new experience added and that will show in the end.